Here is a list of our very unique and wonderful vendors. We ask that you support them both at the Market and on their own. There is a link provided to those vendors who have websites, or are on Facebook.

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Would you like to become a vendor at our market?

Applications (with the exception of growers) are closed for the upcoming season but please consider applying for next year! Instructions about how to apply for next season, along with applications, guidelines, member handbook and other resources are available on our website. Click here to navigate to these items on our Membership page.

1. The first steps will be to read the general market guidelines and then complete our general membership application.

2. The second step will depend on what you would like to sell at market:

If you are a grower, you will fill out our grower’s application and the grower guideline forms. If you are a crafter, you will fill out our craft product application and craft product guideline forms. If you make a processed food, you will fill out our processed food application and processed food guideline forms. If you fall into more than one of these categories, you will fill out ALL applicable applications/forms and submit as a package.

Information is listed online under Membership.  Thank you for your interest in applying!

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